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CASE STUDY | Quality & Know-How Management

In this interview, we talk to Katharina Paukner, a graduate engineer at Drees & Sommer North-Germany, who works in quality and knowledge management.

She shares her experiences with the project management tool beeboard and its impact on efficiency and knowledge sharing within her company.

Find out how beeboard supports project work at Drees & Sommer.


How satisfied are you overall with beeboard as a project management tool?


beeboard has proven to be extremely user-friendly since its launch in the summer '23. The intuitive operation has enabled us to become productive quickly and without extensive training. Designing processes ourselves has not only increased our efficiency but also fostered a deeper understanding of the tool. 

Which aspects of the tool fulfill your expectations the most? 


What impresses me the most is the seamless link between theoretical knowledge and practical processes. It is fascinating to see how knowledge is effectively communicated and applied within the beeboard ecosystem.

How would you rate the user-friendliness of beeboard?


The user-friendliness of it is remarkable. The intuitive navigation and clear design make it not only pleasant to use but also effective.

Were there any challenges when familiarizing yourself with the tool and how did you overcome them?


Surprisingly, there were hardly any challenges during familiarization. The few questions that arose when creating our process maps were quickly clarified, which confirms the simplicity of the platform.

Which specific functions of beeboard do you find most useful? 


The libraries for links and documents in particular prove invaluable, as they provide a consistent and easy-to-find source of important information and process steps, thus providing orientation. 

Have you found that beeboard has improved your work efficiency? If so, in which areas?


Absolutely, beeboard has made a decisive contribution to the clarity of our processes. It has significantly shortened paths and made the organization of our workflows more efficient. 

How satisfied are you with the customer support and troubleshooting?


The customer support was exemplary, especially when creating our process maps. The prompt and competent support has made using beeboard much easier. 

Were there any situations in which beeboard was particularly helpful in solving a problem?


beeboard has proven to be extremely helpful, especially during the introductory phase of new processes and internal training. The graphic elements and the structured presentation provide excellent support for understanding and implementing process flows.

What added value do you see in using beeboard for your projects or work?


beeboard makes it possible not only to present processes in a clear and structured way but also to link them meaningfully with the necessary know-how and the associated documents. This contributes significantly to transparency and the exchange of knowledge. 

Would you recommend beeboard to other project managers? Why or why not?


Without a doubt, I would recommend beeboard. It is a robust tool that significantly facilitates and supports the implementation of processes in projects. 

What would you say to someone who is considering using Beeboard for their project management?


It is recommended that companies have already implemented process maps or intend to use them in order to utilize the full potential of the tool. While the benefits for smaller projects without existing process maps may not be obvious at first, the tool proves to be an essential aid for more extensive projects. 


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