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Unleashing Potential in Construction, Real Estate, and Manufacturing. Elevate Your Projects with Our Cutting-Edge Innovation.

lean-management works

in many industries

Construction companies

Efficiency and clarity in complex projects

Use the Lean Construction methodology to increase efficiency and transparency in your construction and infrastructure projects. beeboard offers specific tools such as the Last Planner system for integrated project planning and execution

optimization of the
construction process

Real Estate Developers

Successful real estate projects with modern methods


beeboard supports real estate developers with a proven methodology that seamlessly integrates with the modern user interface and machine learning to set standards for successful real estate projects.

holistic project management

Commercial Landlords

Seamless management of energy efficiency projects


Optimize the planning and management of your energy refurbishments. Keep track of all refurbishment measures, cost plans and energy balances with our solution to increase efficiency and create sustainable value.

targeted management of energy refurbishment processes

Lean & agile process management

Combine the best of lean management and agile methods with beeboard. Design process maps that not only create a clear structure and comprehensibility, but also ensure unsurpassed process efficiency and quality assurance."

quality and agility in perfect symbiosis

Project controller

Use beeboard's personalized dashboard and multiproject management tools to keep track of all projects and tasks and thus maintain an overview of everything.

Everything at a glance

Planer & Architects

Invite any number of users to your project free of charge and collaborate effectively with internal and external partners using beeboard. Scale your organization with greater efficiency an improved communication flows.

collaboration redefined
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