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Your collaboration platform to work across hierarchies and company boundaries using a proven methodology and thereby setting standards for successful real estate projects.



Your collaboration platform to work across hierarchies and company boundaries using a proven methodology and thereby setting standards for successful real estate projects.

More collaboration

The holistic process management enables the synchronisation of a heterogeneous software landscape in beeboard and reduces your coordination effort.

More efficiency

Your central communication tool that integrates all project members across companies and hierarchies.

More transparency

The straightforward visualisation of the project status and dependencies in the process flow increases traceability and eliminates information deficits.

More knowledge

A simple and comprehensible visualisation of the overall process makes the required project knowledge available to all project members.


Agile Process Maps

Discover how beeboard can revolutionize your existing process standards or help you to develop agile process landscapes directly in your team. No more PowerPoint or whiteboard tools - just clear, efficient process design

nothing is easier. nothing is smarter.
beeboard connects your internal and external sources for product- and project development for everyone's benefit.
we embed lean methodology in beeboard, so you can standardize your projects.



We understand that flawless integration into systems you use every day is critical to ensure you don't have to keep multiple systems updated yourself. That's is why beeboard will provide integrations into more systems than any other project management tool.

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Projects based on process maps

Plan your milestones and invite internal and external users. With beeboard, you can easily adapt standards to the specifics of your project or start without a template - quickly, easily understandable and effectively.


Document tracking in the project process

Link and track documents in the course of a project. beeboard gives you and your project participants access to current versions at any time, increases understanding of interrelationships and saves time. And all without the need to upload them to beeboard - your documents belong to you and shall remain in your datawarehouse.


Clarity and collaboration in your reporting

Achieve a new level of transparency and collaboration in your projects with beeboard's dashboards. Get real-time insights into project progress and performance, improve team communication and make informed decisions based on up-to-date data."


Personalized reporting for resource overview

Keep track of all your team occupation in projects and tasks. With beebaord's personalized dashboard, you can manage resources clearly and efficiently for optimal project control.


Automatic assignment of tasks and activities

beeboard allows for clear task management, whether as a list, on a Kanban board, or integrated within MS Outlook and MS Teams. Invite an unlimited number of users to your project at no extra cost and maintain a comprehensive overview with all project participants to effectively achieve project goals.


Activated quality management that brings your quality process to life

beeboard revolutionizes your quality management by replacing and activating static QM manuals in Word or PPT. Experience dynamic, interactive quality management that brings your documents to life. As a top-layer application, beeboard manages your projects and integrates seamlessly into your daily workflows without interrupting them.

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