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Deliver efficiency and innovation

Project managers and consultants are constantly faced with the challenge of managing their projects efficiently and purposefully. With beeboard, they have a powerful tool that is specifically designed to optimize project management processes and improve results. A clear competitive advantage for you and less risk for your customers.

beeboard goes far beyond basic project management. It offers advanced features for fine-tuning project control and monitoring, enabling detailed analysis and real-time customization. The integration of resource management and interactive communication tools facilitates collaboration between all stakeholders and improves decision-making. In addition, beeboard supports risk minimization and increases the transparency of project progress. For project managers and consultants, this means a significant increase in the efficiency and quality of their work, which leads to sustainably more successful project results.


beeboard is a solution that has never been seen before in this form, in order to guarantee the highest possible quality for all steps in project management on the one hand, but also the maximum possible acceleration of processes on the other.
kruno crepulja | CEO INSTONE

The standardization of individual projects via beeboard will enable Drees & Sommer to implement projects more quickly and efficiently. The integrated lean methodology and the simple, agile user interface designed for collaboration particularly inspire me.

mirco beutelspacher | PARTNER DREES&SOMMER 


At first glance

beeboard's personalized dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all projects and automatically generates project tasks. With intelligent interfaces in MS Teams and Outlook, your team will never lose track.


Reaching the goal together

Use beeboard to work effectively with all internal and external project stakeholders to achieve project goals efficiently and ensure transparency.

Use beeboard to track the progress of documents and processes with Beeboard to ensure a smooth project flow


Clarity in documents and processes


Optimale Ressourcennutzung

beeboard enables efficient planning and utilization of your employees, which improves project management

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