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2023 Kick-Off Strategy Days

This week our company held our first annual Kick-Off meeting to discuss our strategic planning for the current year. The meeting was a huge success as it brought us together as a team to brainstorm new ideas. Especially since our team is so international and diversified, these three days were so important.

Full-day hackathon competition

In addition to technology strategy, team building was another focus for us. In addition to a joint cooking event as team building, there was a hackathon where different teams competed against each other to find the most innovative solutions to various challenges. Not only did this further foster collaboration but the results also revealed the great full potential of our team.

Of course, the meeting was also about technology and its role in achieving our long-term roadmap. We discussed the latest technological developments and how they can be used in our business to improve our workflow and overall efficiency for our customers.

Train | Teach | Debate | Drive | Grow

Cook | Eat | Play | Fun

It was a great opportunity to exchange ideas with my colleagues, discuss our strategies and share our vision for the future.

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